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Supporters of the circular economy and sustainable development point out that we live in a world that is gradually being overwhelmed by self-production, which unfortunately often has greater negative impacts than the added value of the product itself.

In our opinion, the modularity and repeated use of products with an emphasis on minimal waste production is a path that is made possible by incredible technological possibilities and combinations of different technologies in areas where we could not even imagine them until now.

The flexibility of the product is a condition for it to be used repeatedly and in different ways of use and at the same time minimize adverse environmental impacts.

This approach, which is based on the innovative use of available technologies and their mutual combination, became the basic starting point for the development of the CUBSY MODULAR SYSTEM.

Modular Construction Kit - CUBSY

Universal use

of constructions for interiors
and exteriors, industry,
and household


of elements for further
constructions with the
use of configuration

Configuration SW

constructing the necessary 
shape in real availability


a small number of
structural elements and
configuration SW

The CUBSY system is an opportunity to implement constructions for various uses easily and quickly. The world of modular constructions makes it possible to think through and implement your plans easily, tailor-made, efficiently, ecologically and at low costs.

The most often they are used for the construction of entrances and ramps, rack trolleys and shelves, racks, stands, podiums, terraces, and many others.

CUBSY supports your imagination and creativity while at the same time fulfils the purposefully and ecologically intended functions of the structures. You can carry out the design of the structure yourself in a real setting with the help of a configuration application on your smart phone.

Get inspired, create and be CUBSY

What can be CUBSY implemented?

We support your imagination and creativity by using the INSPIROMAT module in the application.

The research and development of CUBSY involved

Development of the Project

Areas of use

Overcomming barriers

In the world that surrounds us there are barriers that we only notice when we cannot overcome them alone or with help. These barriers are in interiors and exteriors, and not everywhere a permanent construction solution can be used. We create the CUBSY principle so simple that even a learned layman can design a specific structure (e.g., access ramp) and then assemble it from universal elements.

Purpose structures

In the environment where we live, do business, produce, grow… we often need to invent a tool or a purpose-built device that is so special that it cannot be purchased in a regular commercial network, and at the same time the functionality of such a device is temporary and therefore there is no need to produce an excellent custom-made craft product. These are, for example, cubicles, fences, enclosures, small structures, pergolas, greenhouses, stages, firewood sheds, etc.


There is still a need to store things, goods, small materials and often we do not get enough space. The CUBSY system makes it possible to create rack and shelf assemblies that can make maximum efficient use of the space where they are to be placed.

Moving material

Various purpose-built carts, sliding platforms or mobile cubicles are used in various operations such as accommodation facilities, laundries, small production operations, etc. The layout of the objects where they are used will force the special dimensions of these purpose-built devices intended for moving things or materials.

Public furnishing

For various seasonal or special events, but also for permanent placement, racks for bikes, skis, boats, advertising banners, stages, temporary sidewalks, etc. can be designed and constructed. Structures can be easily assembled and placed and then dismantled as needed to create new ones adapted to the given situation.

What do you need to fulfil your intentions?

Minimum components – maximum variability

CUBSY structural components are designed and manufactured in such a way

that you can achieve the structure you want with a minimum number of modular construction elements.

The basic structural elements are the cube and the pipe holder.

The supporting elements are plastic-coated steel pipes.

Additional components of the CUBSY modular system allow you to install:

walking, laying or overhead surfaces,

construction technology (solar panels, switchboards, air conditioning, planters, cabinets, etc.),

settlement and anchoring of structures,

travel wheels,

and of course also protective elements (connection covers, etc.).

CUBSY Application

Be CUBSY – design your own solutions!

The downloadable application is free in user modules.

To create your own constructions that exactly meet your ideas and requirements, you don’t need more than to be in the place where you want to implement the construction and manage the user’s work with a smartphone.

The CUBSY application contains a number of other modules that support the processes of production, design, supply, invoicing, inventory, CRM, etc. These modules are also made available to our partners free of charge.

Aplikace ke stažení je
v uživatelských modulech bezplatná.

K tomu, abyste tvořili vlastní konstrukce, které přesně vyhovují vašim představám a požadavkům, nepotřebujete víc, než být v místě, kde chcete konstrukci realizovat a zvládat uživatelsky práci se smartphonem.

Aplikace CUBSY obsahuje řadu dalších modulů, které podporují procesy výroby, konstruování, zásobení, fakturace, inventarizace, CRM apod. Tyto moduly jsou zpřístupněny našim partnerů taktéž bezúplatně.

Do you have additional questions?

We are ready to answer your questions, contact us!
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