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In February 2020, when strict measures began due to the COVID 19 pandemic, there was also a significant impact on industrial production and therefore also on our manufacturing company H.L.F. Our orders and sales dropped sharply, and my colleagues and I had to think about an effective countermeasure. We clearly concluded that we had to invent a new product that would not be so dependent on uncertain developments in the automotive field, which was our main field at the time.

We were inspired by the field of modular constructions and the needs of customers to solve (at this time primarily) in the field of overcoming barriers. This is how the initial idea was born - to create a ramp kit for people with disabilities and the elderly.

We developed the idea into a project, and from 2021 to 2023, the development of the CUBSY system – a modular kit – took place. We cooperated primarily with the company DORPS, which developed the CUBSY mobile application, and the Institute of Physics of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, whose task was to perform all prototype tests of CUBSY structural elements.  

At the end of 2023, we concluded that we could manufacture and distribute the CUBSY system - structural elements - the development of the mobile application was completed and at the same time we ensured the protection of CUBSY in terms of intellectual property.

So, since 2024, we are ready to reach out and satisfy our customers and, of course, continue to improve and innovate CUBSY.

We will be happy if you are happy with us CUBSY.


The CUBSY team is primarily based on the cooperation of H.L.F. (production of structural elements), the company DORPS (development and management of the mobile application) and the company CUB.SYSTEMS (providing business and marketing support).

Business Company - H.L.F.

It is a traditional Czech company operating since 1996 in the field of the automotive and electrical engineering industry and mainly operates in the field of development and production of switches, commutators, buttons, connectors and in the field of metal and plastic pressing.

Business Company - CUB.SYSTEMS

It coordinates and integrates the cooperation of HLF and DORPS and is the main communication node to partners and customers on a national and international scale.

Business Company - DORPS

Partner for the development and integration of the CUBSY constructor mobile application and the supporting modular information system.

CUBSY Partners

From the beginning of 2024, we are creating a shared network of partners

Companies and natural persons, who focus on the distribution of CUBSY, but above all, they are implementation partners to ensure the support of our customers.